Museo Cándido Bidó

Part of my study abroad program includes cultural excursions to different places around the country and in Santo Domingo. So far we’ve been to Boca de Nigua, Palenque, Santiago, Jarabacoa, Museo de la Resistencia Dominicana, Fábrica Altagracia, and el museo Cándido Bidó. Eventually I will try to get around to writing about the other places I have visited, but today I felt like sharing my experience visiting the museum in Bonao. Cándido Bidó is a famous Dominican painter, the first to ever have his works displayed in France, and is considered one of the most important contemporary painters in the Dominican Republic. His work portrays scenes of everyday life, nature, and mothers using vibrant yellows, reds and blues.

An example of Bidó's work, taken from google

Between winning prizes for his beautiful paintings and touring the world, Bidó also founded the Museo Cándido Bidó in the Plaza de Cultura de Bonao located almost in the center of the country, directly north of Santo Domingo. The museum has a permanent collection of paintings by Bidó and other famous Dominican painters.

The outside of the museum

Bidó passed away just last year, and to commemorate him there was an exhibition by local artist, and the museums executive director, Julio Valentín titled “Cuando el azul toca el cielo”. Here are some of my favorite pieces (keep in mind I couldn’t use the flash and the museum didn’t have optimal lighting):

I managed to forget to take a picture of the title of this painting >.<

From a series titled 'Danza Melódica'

Cuando el azul vuela al cielo II

Cuando el azul vuela al cielo I

The Plaza Cultural de Bonao where the museum is located


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